michael Arrom

Full music direction project with string and horn sections

Music Direction

​​Need to prepare your band? I'm ready to be your Music Director! I work with many of the best musicians and choreographers out there. I have the experience to get your artist looking and sounding their very best with a complete band solution. I'm ready to:

-Recruit and lead the best musicians for each project. Not just talented musicians, but also the ultimate in reliability, professionalism and personality. I can handle any configuration you want from a simple acoustic setup to full band with strings, horns and choir.

-Translate the sound of your studio productions to the live stage. I can arrange music for the whole band and create flawless backing tracks where needed. I can either work with existing stems or replicate sounds to match the original. Quick changes on the road are no problem at all.

-I can compose fantastic walk-on music and great transitions between each song to keep your fans engaged.

-Run efficient rehearsals to prepare a tight band for your artist. We'll make the best use of time for your busy artist.

-Create program automation for your entire set list, including integrated DMX light shows and video synch. 

-Simplify your business by letting me handle releases, payments and IRS 1099's for the band.