michael Arrom

​"Mike was professional, very well prepared and musically on point!  Great career ahead.", Jack Daley (Lenny Kravitz, Joss Stone)

Live Touring

​​"Michael is extremely talented and came prepared. He also has stage presence and personality, which is really important. He exuded emotion, which is important visually.", ​Glee Casting Director

"This young man is going places.", Paul Jackson, Jr (Michael Jackson, Daft Punk)

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I'm ready to join your tour! I'm road-tested across 4 continents. I have all the maturity, experience, gear and stamina to quickly go anywhere in the world. No personal drama or bad habits. I know how to hang on the road. I understand the touring lifestyle and know how to deliver the professional results you expect at each and every show.

I'm an expert at creating backing tracks and using software automation with MainStage. I can perform to a track. Even better, I can free the band to groove with the flow by playing many of the track elements live. I can also help out with background vocals, with a natural range that covers baritone and tenor.

"Michael is continuing to make a name for himself wherever he performs.", Keyboard Magazine

"The band was stellar.", Paul Zollo, Chief Editor, American Songwriter