Composing for film and video games requires a unique blend of artistic and technical skills. Understanding the emotional content of your project while meeting the precise synchronization and looping needs of your audio track makes this work a fun and exciting challenge.  

I have the skills to take you from initial concept all the way to beautifully executed recordings of your themes, loops, stingers and cues. My satisfied clients include a national ad agency and a major international technology company. Check out some samples of music that I've composed for past projects.​​​  

"Excellent, maybe the best analysis of KANE I've ever read!"

Jon Burlingame is the nation’s leading writer on the subject of music for films and television.

Full audio track for iPhone game sequence

Music loop samples for video game prompts

michael Arrom

​Composing for Film, TV, and Video Games 

End credit music for dramatic short film

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